April 15, 2020

BVC Launches Vamastores to Make the Jewellery Industry E-Commerce Ready in 24 Hours

BVC Launches Vamastores to Make the Jewellery Industry E-Commerce Ready in 24 Hours
Mumbai, April, 2019: The Indian diamond & jewellery industry is experiencing the worst phase of the century due to COVID-19. Health concerns have produced a zero revenue month for the entire industry. Consumer purchase from jewellery retailers is expected to drop by 90% in the first six months of 2020.
Among uncertainty, the only guaranteed behaviour change of consumers is to buy online. E-Commerce of gems & jewellery is expected to grow by over 50% this year. To support the industry in becoming online ready, BVC today announced the launch of Vamastores.
Vamastores offers jewellers a fully integrated e-commerce website with a beautiful design, secure domestic & international payment options, logistics integration, email, SMS, live chat, SEO & social media marketing. To increase sales for jewellers, Vamastores will leverage BVCs deep relationships with Flipkart, Amazon, eBay & other marketplaces to list products to boost sales. Vamastores is aimed for thousands of jewellers and costs 1/10th of the cost of traditional options & is ready within 24 hours.
Rohit Chemburkar, CEO - Vamastores, said, “Jewellers have shared their challenges with us since years where they don’t get a website of their design, it takes over 6 months of delays, doesn’t work on mobile and most of all, costs anywhere between 6 to 50 lacs & doesn’t produce any sales. We’re delighted to share that with Vamastores, we solve all these challenges by offering a beautiful website, fully integrated, enabling sales globally through marketplaces & all at a fraction of the cost of building through other partners. We aim to help jewellers come out of the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than ever.”
BVC Logistics has been an industry partner for over 60 years and through Vamastores aims to shape the transition of jewellers from offline to omnichannel.